Dax TCon 2011-08-25

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  1. Vertex ordering of voxels
  2. Directories for includes
  3. Data arrays, nuke from orbit?


Everyone agrees hiding templates is a bad idea.

We may require the idea of concepts to document the interface some set of classes are supposed to implement.

Vertex ordering of voxels

The ordering of voxels is currently inheriting the weird ordering of voxels in VTK. It is not consistent with the ordering of most hexahedra. We all agree that we should change the ordering to what is expected in hexahedra.

Directories for includes

The include directories do not match the namespaces.

After kabitzing, we came up with the following suggestion. First, place all source in the dax directory, and then core files will just be in the cont and exec subdirectories. Interface files will be right there, and there will be a private directory in each for internal classes. Through this, core and interface modules are merged so that they can reference each other, but as far as directories and namespaces are concerned they are still separate.

I ended up using the subnamespace name internal rather than private because private is a C++ keyword and thus makes for a bad namespace name. --Kenneth Moreland 12:28, 31 August 2011 (EDT)

Namespaces follow these directory structures.