Dax TCon 2012-08-09

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Marching cubes

Updated to no-fields.

Working on topology resolution options.

VTK integration

Threshold integration is done.

Have an "OK" framework. First use case is threshold. Framework can bring field data and topology types between VTK and Dax.

Threshold is working on single array. Dax still does not handle multiple arrays.

No Field Objects

Although CUDA is still slow for what we think are known reasons (this implicit array copy problem), we are happy enough with the implementation that we want to check this into master.

Next step priorities

  • Update VTK integration to provide no-copy access to vtkDataArray. This should be possible now that we can invoke worklets on ArrayHandles with different containers.
  • Finish up marching cubes implementation.
  • Formalize template glue code generation and integrate into Dax.